The Kanga Mission

Hello, my name is Michelle, and Kanga Toys is our little family passion project. It all started as I was looking for meaningful and affordable toys to engage my children with the gospel at an early age. There are so many "toys" available, but there wasn't something as engaging as I wanted and gospel-centered as I craved. So Kanga Toys was born and our first Aqua Brush books got started for kids to learn gospel stories in an easy and fun way. 

Our Kanga Mission is to support parents as they teach and inspire their bouncy kids through play. If we have done our job right, your kiddos will ask to play with these toys over and over.

My gospel and professional background includes serving a mission, getting my BFA in Graphic Design from BYU-I and working as a graphic designer with toy products for over ten years. But, I think being a mom to my 4 awesome kids is the biggest tool and best experience I have had. 

On my mission I remember meeting a family of many children whose dad was MIA, and mother had to work all day to provide for them. The kids were left chained inside this home with broken windows, no grass, and no mom. It was then I realized how rare it is to have a parent who knows the Gospel of Jesus Christ and who shares it with their kids. It was then I knew my biggest and most important job would be to teach my kids.

I also know there is no substitute for your child than you! You will be their best teacher and biggest influence. We hope our products will do their job to support you as you change the world through the little people in your life. 

Thank you for finding our small shop, where we know that every kid counts and every person can make a difference. This dream wouldn't be possible without YOU!!! and the support of my little family. I started out on this journey thinking "somebody" needs to do something to add more good into our divided world. So, I got to work (And my husband who likes to stay behind the scenes joined in). And as I've gotten to know more people I know we are NOT alone. There is indeed much good still in this world and it is growing through the efforts of many faith-filled people of many denominations.

Thanks again for stopping in, and if you ever want to share these on social media, please use #KangaToys as it makes my day every time I get to see these toys and books in the real world.