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The Kanga Mission

Kanga Toy Family Business

The "why" that kicked off Kanga Toys.

We know that every kid counts and every person can make a difference. This dream of offering meaningful and purposeful toys and activities wouldn't be possible without YOU! ... and the support of my little family. I started out on this journey thinking "somebody" needs to do something to add more good into our world. So, I got to work (And my husband who likes to stay behind the scenes joined in).

And as I've gotten to know more people I know we are NOT alone. There is indeed much good all around us and it is growing through the efforts of many faith-filled people of many denominations. My eyes have truly been opened to all the good people out there.

The Kanga Toys Mission in a nutshell.

ONE: Create fun and interactive products that help our children learn the gospel and touch their hearts. 

TWO: Connect with and support families and businesses that are promoting the cause of Christ and trying to do what He would do.

    Thanks again for stopping in. We are new to business and excited to continue learning and growing. Please contact us anytime. Follow us on instagram @kangatoys, and don't forget to tag us. It makes our day every time we get to connect with you in the real world.

    Kids reading and painting to learn and grow