The Kanga Mission

Our Kanga Mission is to support parents as they teach their bouncy kids through play. Kanga Toys has created purposeful activity-based products that are fun and inspiring. If we have done our job right, your kiddos will ask to play with these products over and over. Each time they will engage their minds to develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, self-confidence, and even grow heart-warming connections to the gospel of Christ through purposeful play.

Kanga Toys has been founded by Kanga-Mama Michelle, a return missionary from Rosario, Argentina and graduate from Brigham Young University-Idaho in the Fine Arts program. She started working in graphic design and with toy products over ten years ago. In Argentina she had a reality-check on how rare it is to have a parent who knows the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the impact one person can have in their child’s life. Michelle’s children and husband have been the inspiration and a huge support to her exploration and desire to make gospel-centered products available for everybody who wants them.

Your support and feedback in this Kanga-riffic journey is appreciated. The greatest form of appreciation is a referral, so please share these products with a friend.