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Free General Conference Notebook

If you are looking for a great way to take notes I've created a Free Fall 2020 General Conference Notebook you can download to record your impressions from each talk. The first page is a word tally activity. Its a fun way to stay engaged with all of the talks. You simply mark each time a word is said, and at the end of General Conference you will have an idea of what the focus of the sessions were on. My oldest sister created a version of this for me when I was young, and it was one of my most memorable General Conferences from my youth. Tuning into these words helped me stay awake and focused. Next, there are the 5 note pages with places to write notes from talks given by the First Presidency and Apostles.  The last page has blank names for you to fill in with notes from the other speakers. Print this page as many times as you like.

Sure hope this is useful. It can be a great tool for your older kids and the bios included for the Prophet and Apostles can also help your family get to know each of them.

Free General Conference Notebook


Click here to Download the Fall 2020 General Conference Notebook

Another fun game is to have your littles play bingo as they listen. Cereal, candy, crackers or popcorn can make a great bingo chip. This PDF has a lot of images, so be patient while the file downloads.

Free General Conference Bingo


Click Here to Download 6 General Conference Bingo pages

I know we are beyond excited for the Fall 2020 General Conference session this weekend. With COVID 19 changing our social norms and earthquakes shaking our lands, we are ready to hear from the Lord's Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. Isn't it amazing to look back into the history of the scriptures and read about the prophets God called of old like Adam, Noah, Moses, Enos, Isaiah and others from the Bible? Heavenly Father loved those people so much, He wanted to guide them through His prophet and mouthpiece. Amos 3:7 

I'm so grateful to know He STILL loves us, and He is still talking to us. Visit this www.churchofJesusChrist.org to learn more about how to listen to the Prophet and Apostles of our day April 4-5, 2020. "By their fruits ye shall know them-" Matthew 7:20. You can decide for yourself if these men are called of God. Stay healthy out there folks! 

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