For month's I've been stewing through ideas of how to put together what I call my "Mother Hub Binder." It would be the physical brain of everything I'm supposed to remember for my family. I've made a list of things I'm putting in my binder, and here I'm ready to share three of them.
  1. A Family or Individual Goal Calendar where you can track 4 goals daily
  2. A Family Goal Planner
  3. A Kid Goal Workbook that Follows the Come Follow Me Youth Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
When ye are prepared, ye shall not fear, and without a plan you plan to fail are sayings that were drilled into me as a youth. I was the master of planners and being organized with all of the color codes and tabs I needed to quickly get what I needed (much easier when it was just me). With more people to track, it has felt like a daunting task, and I'm continually accessing and revamping our systems. (My career aptitude test after high school said I would be a great secretary. I ended up going into Graphic Design, go figure.) However, Graphic Design is just another way or organizing ideas and concepts visually to communicate in seconds to consumers. But, that is another topic.
Lets get back to this Family Planner. One of the first things a planner needs is a Calendar. However, not just any old calendar will do. You bet this calendar has weekly reading to follow along the Come Follow Me scripture study, and four boxes that relate to the four areas of goal setting for each day. Cross off the box if you accomplished the task associated with that color each day. Its awesome to track water intake, prayers, scripture study, or whatever it is you are trying to create a habit of or improve. This can be used for families or individuals. I can't wait for my kids to be able to track their goals themselves. How rewarding!

Now you can download the family goal planner inspired by the Youth Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It focuses on setting goals in these four areas of development:
  1. Spiritual
  2. Social
  3. Physical and
  4. Intellectual

In this PDF you will find 8 pages:
  • Page 1) A goal sheet with space to plan three goals in each of the four areas.
  • Page 2-5) Action Plan pages for each month. At the beginning of the month write what actions your family will take to achieve your goal.
  • Page 6) Goals of the Year list where you can look to remember your goals for the year
  • Page 7) Progress Report page where you can evaluate each goal, how your family did, and come up together with ideas on how to improve. Measuring your progress as a family can be a great experience when approached with prayer, love and optimism. Use this sheet to create your action plan for the upcoming month.
  • Page 8) A blank page that can be used as a brainstorming page when you are setting your family goals. Or for whatever else you see a use for.

This just added! After the creation of my family goal planner I got some input to design a Goal Workbook for kids to have more room to set goals following the Youth Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
This Goal Workbook includes 4 pages:
  • Page 1) Title page to make this booklet your own
  • Page 2) Guides kids through the "Discover" and "Plan" steps of creating a goal
  • Page 3) A journal page where kids can record a couple sentences each Sunday on their progress and thoughts about their goal. This records the step to "Act" in the goal process. 
  • Page 4) Finally, the last page is for them to record and "Reflect" on how their goal has helped them.

Each of these pages can be printed as many times as you need to set as many goals as you want. My son has been loving this so far, and it is rewarding to watch him set a goal and find success on his own terms.
With that, enjoy these printables and please feel free to reach out to me and let me know what you think! Of course the greatest compliment is to share this resource with your friends. 
Happy planning and for more information on the Youth Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, look here: 
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